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DEMO Video: Achieve Continuous Compliance at Scale with ConfigOS MPO

April 24, 2023

Achieve Continuous Compliance at Scale with ConfigOS MPO

SteelCloud’s NEW ConfigOS MPO (Master Policy Object) software’s advanced multi-tier architecture is specifically designed to ensure continual compliance for remote and transient endpoints. Compliance activities are performed locally by MPO’s lightweight agents. ConfigOS MPO tracks what endpoints are on/off the network while ensuring each has the appropriate policies and schedules, along with the automatic exchange of compliance data. The semi-autonomous agent can perform scans/remediations while endpoints are on and off the network. SteelCloud’s approach ensures that all endpoints are always in compliance while providing complete compliance information, even for the time that endpoints are disconnected. ConfigOS MPO data is integrated with SteelCloud’s Dashview SIEM dashboard.

Watch the demo below!

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