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White Paper: Realizing the Promise of Zero Trust

April 18, 2022

Hardening is foundational with Zero Trust. Automation helps. 

Establishing Zero Trust goes beyond protecting your perimeter. You also need to put a metal detector at the entrance, secure the locker room, and provide continual surveillance.

And ZT is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, the result will be a continuum of solutions and outcomes tailored to the agency, systems, and users. But one thread, in particular, is common to all solutions. As Aaron Faulkner, cybersecurity lead at Accenture Federal Services, states, “As federal information technology architecture is modernized, a holistic endpoint detection and response approach, executed correctly, will be critical for CISA to rapidly understand the government’s overall risk posture and mitigate vulnerabilities.”

Endpoint vulnerability detection, rapid response, and CDM are all big things to ask of humans, requiring countless person-hours (and headaches) to achieve. Automation can help. ConfigOS is SteelCloud’s patented STIG, CIS, and CDM automation tool. It has been proven in the most significant government agencies and every environment. Better yet, it removes human error from the equation and is recommended in the cybersecurity EO.

As you learn more about Zero Trust and other hardening approaches, you will want to know more about ConfigOS. It can save weeks of hardening time, not to mention the mental health of your technical team. Agencies need all the help they can get between now and their 2024 deadline, and SteelCloud is happy to deliver.

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