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Create a secure system,
then be really careful about who you let in

From the top tiers of government and industry to the air-locked labs of classified agencies, everyone agrees: Zero Trust is key to protecting our nation’s cyber assets. Zero Trust shifts focus from various authentication and access controls to tailored controls around sensitive data stores, applications, systems and networks.

Traditional perimeter models build walls between trusted and untrusted sources. For example, the firewall between your local network and the internet. Zero Trust models, in contrast, basically suggest that bad guys are everywhere, so you should trust no network, no user, and no location when it comes to accessing your data.

Zero Trust is an added layer of protection after creating a secure baseline using STIG, CIS or CMMC controls and checklists. That’s where ConfigOS comes in. It automates cybersecurity processes, quickly creating a secure, compliant baseline upon which to establish a Zero Trust architecture. Then, when you implement the continuous monitoring required by government mandates, ConfigOS will help you spot threats before they have a chance to harm you or your data.

Make Hardening Easier
ConfigOS removes 90% of the effort
ConfigOS pays for itself from its first use.
It’s a no-brainer!

Now all that’s left is to experience it for yourself.