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Interview: Making Policy Compliance Work for You – CIS Benchmarks

June 27, 2022

How the CIS Benchmarks and the DISA STIGs come together to form the bedrock principle for policy compliance.

What is the best way to manage and configure for best security affect to support the mission and operation?

In this CyberSecurity TV episode, Tony Sager, Sr VP Center for Internet Security (CIS), and Brian Hajost, SteelCloud Founder and COO, discuss making policy compliance work for you beyond the shining dials and dashboards. Everyone knows you must meet policy standards, but you don’t know what it is. Secure configurations using industry-standard system-level controls such as STIGs or CIS controls are the foundation for all cyber. In this video interview, Tony and Brian break down and offer a deeper understanding of the connection of secure configurations to our modern cyber challenges. The bedrock principle of good security management is around good configuration management. Managing the system well gives you tremendous security value. It is more than simply a set of good things to do like checklists and checking them; can you also manage them?

Interview: Making Policy Compliance Work for You – CIS Benchmarks


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