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Top 6 Resources of 2022

December 5, 2022

Take a deep dive into compliance topics through our webinars, white papers, and ebooks. Here are the ones our readers accessed the most in 2022, along with a profile of our company from when we were named a top cloud security provider.

  1. White Paper: eMASS Automation. Get the details of eMASS from our experts and see how automating processes can make short work of a complex endeavor.
  2. White Paper: Realizing the Promise of Zero Trust. Wrap your head around Zero Trust and the role automation plays in achieving it.
  3. Webinar: CBOM: Automating Zero-Defect Compliance at Scale. Learn about a more comprehensive vision for providing superior compliance results—the compliance bill of materials (CBOM).
  4. Webinar: From CISO to SME – Make Your Compliance Data Work for your Organization. Gain visibility into your data and see how you can use it to strengthen and advance your security program.
  5. eBook: Securing Operational Technology in Highly Regulated Industries. It is time to protect operational technology with the same vigilance we protect information technology in high-risk industries such as energy, healthcare and banking. –
  6. Award: SteelCloud Named a Top Cloud Security Solutions Provider by Enterprise Security Magazine. SteelCloud’s leading ConfigOS compliance automation software has made us one of the Top 10 Cloud Security Solutions in the industry.
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