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Putting a Human Face on Compliance Automation

December 12, 2022

Meet the individuals invested in our innovation for compliance automation.

When it comes to cybersecurity technology, does it matter that the developers have the freedom to work on the projects that interest them most? Or do the sales guys believe they are doing important work worldwide? Or that the customer service guy likes Sudoku?

At SteelCloud, it matters. Because technology is not all about features and capabilities, it’s also about relationships—relationships between customers and creators, employees and employers, and between the product and the people who use it. And it’s about people who are invested in what they do in such a way that it fuels innovative capabilities. We’ve found that software works better when the people who create it are enthusiastic about it and when that enthusiasm spills over into customer support and education.

This past September, we highlighted our leadership team in a series of interviews that revealed the people behind the product. In addition, we are sharing some hints as to what’s next for cybersecurity automation. Please meet:

  • Tony Caputo, CEO. Read about the perfect timing that brought Tony to the helm.
  • Brian Hajost, Founder and COO. Discover the secret employer benefits of compliance automation.
  • Brian Walker, Senior Director of Customer Service. Learn about how the automation experts use automation themselves.
  • Matt Heimlich and Tao Qin, the product developers. See what drives continued innovation with ConfigOS and compliance automation.
  • Steve Manolakis and Nigel Hughes, the sales team. Get the story behind the unicorn.

From employment tips to newsworthy developments to what happens after hours with our team, these interviews are a must-read for our final post of the year. Enjoy!

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